Full Body Massage - Offsite

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When it comes to creating a routine massage therapy schedule, we need to look at whats going on with your horse!  A short evaluation will look into your horses:

  • Muscle movement
    - In and out of trot
    - To and from walk
  • Muscle health
    - Dehydration
    - Muscle strain
    - Swelling
    - Excessive heat
    - Flexibility
  • Suppleness
    - Willingness to bend
    - Willingness to flex
  • Overall horse health 

Also going through your horses past and present jobs, lamenesses and injuries will help create the best therapy program for you and your equine partner.

All first time massages require an evaluation. Routine massages Do Not. This can take anywhere between 15 to 30 mins+.

Routine Massages cover the full body and last an hour.

Offsite massages must be within 30 miles of Maple Lake, MN, or have a minimum of 2 horses. Maximum of 5 horses per day.